NGL Full Form

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NGL Full Form “Not Gonna Lie.”

Explanation of NGL:

NGL” is an internet slang abbreviation commonly used in online conversations, social media posts, and text messages. It is used when someone wants to be honest or straightforward about their feelings, opinions, or experiences. “Not Gonna Lie” implies that the person is about to share something candidly or openly, without any pretense or sugarcoating.

Usage of NGL

Honesty and Openness: When someone wants to express a sincere opinion or feeling, they may preface their statement with “NGL.”

Person A: “How did you like the new movie?”
Person B: “NGL, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I expected.”

Admitting a Truth: “NGL” can be used to admit something that the person might have been reluctant to share.

NGL Full Form
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Friend A: “Do you regret your decision?”
Friend B: “NGL, I do have some regrets, but I know it was for the best.”

Candid Thoughts: If someone wants to share their thoughts candidly without holding back, they might use “NGL.”

Colleague A: “What do you think of the new project plan?”
Colleague B: “NGL, I think it needs some major revisions.”

Personal Experiences: “NGL” can be used when sharing personal experiences or stories.

Person A: “How was your trip to the mountains?”
Person B: “NGL, it was absolutely amazing! I had a fantastic time.”

Opinionated Statements: When expressing a strong opinion, the speaker might use “NGL” to emphasize their sincerity.

Friend A: “Do you think it’s a good idea to invest in that company?”
Friend B: “NGL, I think it’s too risky right now.”


“NGL,” short for “Not Gonna Lie,” is an informal internet slang expression used to indicate that the speaker is about to be honest, straightforward, or candid about their feelings, opinions, or experiences. It is a way of emphasizing sincerity and openness in online communications and social interactions. As with other internet slang terms, “NGL” is best used in appropriate contexts and with people who are familiar with its meaning.

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